Ocean of Love

Sensual Experiences in Conntectedness

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The Art of Touch

Hawaiian Massage

Are you longing for …

* more love and connectedness?
* a deep arrival in your body?
* Self-love and authentic (love) expression?
* sensual experiences in a clear and conscious space?

The Ocean of Love

* Centerpiece of my work *

In ´Ocean of Love´ ritual rooms and weekends I invite you to lovingly and consciously immerse yourself into sensuality and love for people. We can relax deeply together through deceleration and deep feeling, self-love and affirmation of our physicality and sensuality.
Acceptance and deep relaxation at the different levels of our being are prerequisites for opening, love and trust. So we can find ourselves in love and connectedness to life. Discovering this, experiencing it and residing in it, is what my work is all about.
We strip the masks and layers of separation. Can meet each other purely and essentially, from heart to heart, body to body and being to being.
There is no must and should. You don’t have to be close to anyone in a certain way. You can just relax, be and listen to how love wants to express through you. It is an invitation, a space for the great ocean of love in which we are all just a wave.

I am Yvonne Kolinsky and I work together with a team of friends from different areas from the art of encounter to new economics. We design workshops, ritual rooms, retreats and festivals. I give one-on-one sessions and massages, write texts and give lectures … all of it with the focus on love, freedom, development and connectedness. Some of it I can offer bi-lingual in German and English. Some of it is focussed on German language, but you could bring somebody along to translate for you.

We open spaces in which we can ‘remember’ being, remember love and freedom, come deeply to ourselves and get out of the `must, should and optimizing`. Who are you in your depth, in your essence? Where do you feel the undamaged love to life? How would you like to express this and what kind of world do we want to create from there together?

I am looking forward to meet and encounter you and realize a new culture together.

For an ocean of love and connectedness

Yvonne Kolinsky

Workshops, ritual rooms & retreats – bilingual:

One-on-one Sessions – bilingual:

Dance and body therapist, researcher, lover and artist. I am trained in stage dance, dance and expression therapy, Contact Improvisation and Hawaiian Massage, Non-Violent Communication (NVC), mindfullness and ZEGG Forum. I research and work in the areas of love, embodiment and awareness as well as communication and healing. Lived for a few years at the Center for Experimental Social Design (Zegg, near Berlin), where I developed the framework for the ´Ocean of Love´ weekends. Now I live in different places, with homebase in Berlin.
I create soft, open spaces in which people can meet deeply and essentially, beyond patterns, norms and barriers. For this I use e.g. meditation and awareness work, co-regulation, embodiment spaces and dance, self-love rituals and tantric encounter elements, Transparent Communication, NVC and ZEGG Forum.

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